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Reader's Digest

List of best Latinx books for 2021 including Chola Salvation.

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Walla Walla Public Library selects Chola Salvation as its adult fiction book of the week for Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Los Angeles LIterature

An announcement of Chola Salvation's publication and a brief summary of the collection by Los Angeles blogger Brian Dunlap.

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Short Story Podcast Coming Soon!

Chola Salvation short Story "No Such thing" to come to life as a podcast in Fall 2021.

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Writer Zach Powers interviews Esella González about Chola Salvation and the art of fiction.


Chola Salvation one of 21 books listed by prominent Latina organization Las Comadres on its 7th annual summer reading list.

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Latinas Y Cafe

Latino broadcaster Armando F. Sanchez interviews Estella González for his YouTube series on Latina role models.


Press release announcing the publication of Chola Salvation. It also includes background information on the author and a summary of the collection.

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Anticipated Latinx books for the spring as compiled by Boricua Reads

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